About Us

Abundant Life International Charity Home is a corporate non- governmental organization registered and established in Nigeria, with the corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) & (EFCC).

Abundant life International Charity home uses network marketing services to reach out to the people in the grassroots. The founders are people with integrity and passion for wealth creation and empowerment for the destitute.

Abundant life Int’l is a revolutionary network of networkers. Over the years, networkers have often been shortchanged by greedy network companies by means of slavery and multiple stages matrix. They have turned our smart work to hard work.

Abundant Life Int’l is in a mission to compensate the hard work of all resilient networkers across the states who have worked tirelessly with nothing to show for it, rather; have been used as tools to enrich various network company owners who have always promised unachievable heaven on earth to our people and in most cases, just a few will benefit while multitudes wonder in utter expectation.

MR FREDRICK OZOIGBO, is the brain behind Abundant life International Charity home , His desire to change the society positively, help the needy and make an impact in the world generally, endeared Him to create a platform where networkers and others can achieve their goals through honesty, integrity, transparency and sustainability.